Things to Consider when Hiring a Nanny

Your children are so precious, and so choosing a nanny can be a tough job. The person you choose for the job will have responsibility for your children, and they will be an influence on their lives. You want someone who will be a positive role model, who knows what to do in an emergency, and someone whom you can trust. Here are some points to think about when you’re looking for a nanny…

Do they genuinely love children?
A good nanny will always have a true love of children and a nurturing personality. Being a nanny is a job, but it’s also a vocation. When you interview your nanny, make sure to introduce them to the kids and see how they react to them and interact with them. If your potential nanny gives all her attention to the children, even though they are in an interview situation, then see this as a good point. Are they instinctively keeping one eye on them as they play nearby as all parents do? This is another positive sign.

Can they cater for the specific needs of your child?
If your child has any special needs, is the nanny capable of dealing with this? This could be a disability, a condition such as autism, or something as minor as a food allergy, but your nanny needs to be trained to deal will any potential scenario.

Are they prepared to work outside of child care?
If you’re looking for a nanny who will also help with household jobs then you need to ensure the candidate is happy to do this. You may want a nanny who will have the washing done and dishes cleared by the time you get home. Make this clear from the outset to avoid any issues after hiring.

Are they well qualified?
It’s very important that your nanny has been trained in childcare, but they should also hold a first aid certificate. Check that they have a clean driver’s license too. It’s also wise to ask for references and find out why the person left their last position. Was it that their services were just no longer required, or did they leave under a cloud?

Are you on the same wavelength?
It’s important that you get on well with your nanny, and that you both have the same outlook on childcare. Ask lots of questions. Find out how they would discipline your children and what types of games they would play with them. Create scenarios and ask them what they would do in those circumstances. You can then see if they reply appropriately and in a manner you would be happy with.

The perfect nanny is out there
Thankfully there are lots of great nannies out there, you just have to make sure you find the one that’s going to work perfectly with you and your family. For help finding your perfect nanny, get in touch with C.A.S Employment Bureau Ltd. We specialise in matching families with their ideal home help.