How to decide if it's the time to hire a nurse for your loved ones

If your loved one is elderly, disabled or has special medical needs, you may need to make the decision to hire some extra help for them. If they are happy in their own home, then a move to a specialist nursing home may not be necessary when you can hire the help they need to manage their daily routine and assist with any medical requirements, and this is usually the preference.

Medical help on hand

Your loved one may need regular medical attention and when this help is delivered in the patient’s own home, it can take a lot of strain off both the patient, and you. Cutting out regular trips to the doctor or hospital just makes life a lot easier and less stressful. A friendly regular nurse can administer medication, dress wounds and monitor the patient’s condition.

Extra help for your loved one

Often an elderly relative will prefer to stay in their own home but may need some extra assistance. With in-home care you can have peace of mind that your loved one isn’t struggling, and that there is someone visiting to help, offering company as well as that all important home help, who will of course alert you if there are any problems. A home nurse can also help with a wide range of daily tasks such as personal hygiene, dressing and meals.

Help around the home

There will also be many tasks that your loved one may need help with that don’t require the specialist skills of a trained nurse, but are no less vital. Daily tasks such as preparing food, shopping and cleaning the home can all become difficult for an elderly person or someone with disabilities. A little extra help around the home can make a world of difference for someone who is struggling to keep up with those daily jobs.

Find the perfect home help

So to ensure your loved one can happily remain in their home, safe and well cared for, it’s time to consider some extra help. A trained nurse can look after their medical needs. A home care giver is ideal for non-medical personal services such as bathing and helping with meal times. If your loved one can manage all these things by themselves, but simply needs some extra help with keeping on top of the house work or running errands, then a companion homemaker could be your answer. Someone to be a friend, to look out for your loved one, and to take away the burden of some household chores such as laundry, vacuuming and other more strenuous tasks. 

Find the perfect assistance

The perfect solution may be one of the care givers listed above, or a combination. Your loved one can remain in their own home with that extra help, and the company this brings can help older people feel less isolated and less reliant on their relatives. Get in touch with C.A.S Employment Bureau Ltd and we’ll help you to find the domestic helper that is perfect for you. For more information please visit our website.