How to Find the Best Domestic Helper for Your Home

A good domestic helper can be a godsend. Someone you trust, who can take the pressure off, helping out with daily tasks around the home. But finding that special person who fits perfectly with  the needs of your family can be difficult. Every family is unique, with different needs and different personalities. How do you find the domestic helper that is just right for you? Here are the steps to follow to ensure you get the perfect helper and one that you can trust…


Begin the search

The first step is to start your search. You’ll no doubt turn to the Internet first, where you’ll find plenty of advice. You can also contact agencies and other bodies that deal with domestic helpers. Try to be specific. Simply putting the word out on social media may bring interest, but you’ll have no way to verify the background, experience or visa status of anyone who applies this way. Enlisting help of a well established business such as C.A.S Employment Bureau Ltd can offer peace of mind that all candidates are pre-checked and well trained.


Gather a shortlist

There are many people out there in this line of business, and it can seem rather overwhelming at first. Somewhere out there is the domestic helper of your dreams, but how do you narrow things down to find them?


First think about your own requirements. Do you need someone with childcare skills? Would you like someone who is a great cook? Do you want someone who has many years of experience, or perhaps someone who is young and very enthusiastic, full of energy to help keep your kids entertained?


Secondly, think about what you are going to offer your helper. Are you offering them accommodation in your home? Will you need them to work weekends? How much will you be willing to pay them? Make these things clear and you won’t end up with people applying who then decide the position is unsuitable for them.


Meet your candidates

When you’ve narrowed it down to just a small handful of potentials, it’s really important to meet them face to face. This will make all the difference and is so much more beneficial than simply chatting via text message or over the phone. You’ll soon know if you like them and if you think they will fit in well with your family. Have a list of questions to hand and be ready to answer any questions they may have too. This is a two way relationship and if everyone is happy from the start and requirements are clear, it will all be much easier.


Ask for references

Any experienced domestic helper should be able to provide references. If they cannot provide a recent good reference then do find out why. It may be that a previous employer was making unreasonable demands and the helper decided to leave. When you learn the reasons, you can make your own judgements.


We can help you make the best choice

Get in touch withC.A.S Employment Bureau Ltd and we’ll help you to find the domestic helper that is perfect for you. For more information please visit our website.