Questions to Ask Before Hiring Home Care for your Loved Ones

When we’re put into a situation where we need to hire home care for a loved one, it’s often something we’ve never done before. You may never have hired home help of any kind before, or even been involved in the hiring process within a work environment, so knowing the right questions to ask can be tricky. Here are some important questions to ask to ensure you get exactly the right help that you need…


Why are you interested in this kind of work?

Of course everyone needs to work, but there are many lines of work in the world so why did your candidate pick this particular job? Look for someone who feels natural empathy for those in need. A caring person who enjoys looking after others. Someone who is friendly and sociable, who likes to listen and chat can make all the difference when someone is elderly and not able to get out and about. Hear what they have to say. Perhaps they cared for a parent or a grandparent when they were younger and that set them off on their chosen career. Look for enthusiasm and passion, not someone who is simply doing this for the monetary gain.


Have you had formal care with practical experience?

It’s important that your carer has some kind of practical experience. If your loved one has medical needs then this is absolutely vital, but your carer needs to know the correct ways to look after your loved one on a day to day basis too, such as the best way to help them in and out of the bath without accident. Ensure that they that all their knowledge hasn’t simply been gained online or from text books.  Find out if they’ve experience in the field and for how long.


 Are you trained in first aid and CPR? Certified Nurses Services!

It’s also very important that your carer is fully trained in CPR and first aid in case of any emergency. While your loved one has specific needs, an accident or illness can occur to anyone at any time and could be entirely unrelated to any pre-existing condition. A certified nurse who can cope well in an emergency is very important.


You’re asking for help because your loved one has special needs of a particular nature. Find out how the carer truly feels about these particular needs. For instance, if they’ve always cared for young children, will they be happy caring for someone older or someone who suffers from dementia and may get muddled?


How would you cope if someone was angry, stubborn or scared?

People can be unpredictable, your loved one may feel fearful of this new carer in their lives. They may object to the help offered or become stubborn when asked to do something. It’s important to make sure that your carer is prepared for this and to discover how they would deal with any eventuality, ensuring that your loved one remains safe, but also be reassured. The mental well being of your loved one is of course as important as them being physically taken care of.


Is there anything in the job description that you would not be comfortable with?

It’s important to establish straight away whether or not your potential carer is going to fulfil every aspect of the job. If they feel unhappy about something, then ultimately it’s just not going to work out long term. If you require your carer to cook and they hate cooking, or your loved one needs help bathing or using the toilet and they don’t feel comfortable with this, then you need to look elsewhere.