How to Find the Best Homecare for your Loved Ones

You want the very best care for your loved ones and sometimes they need a little more help. Perhaps they have special needs, or they’re elderly and need extra care. You can’t always be there, and you may not have the relevant medical skills needed to look after them, but they are still happy in their own home and capable of living there. So, you need to find someone who can take care of your loved one’s needs in the home. This may be only occasionally, or it may be very regular. Either way, you need to find someone you can trust that has the right skills to give you peace of mind that your loved one is in safe hands. A specialist home health care agency such as C.A.S Employment Bureau Ltd is a good place to start your search. Here is some advice on how to find the perfect homecare…


Be clear on your needs

Think carefully about exactly what type of care you’re looking for. You may just want someone to help with household chores or give your loved one a little extra help getting up and dressed in the morning, or they may have medical needs that need tending to. The carer you employ will depend on your exact needs.


Make sure the agency is very professional

When you get in touch with an agency, pay close attention. Are they knowledgeable and informative? Can they answer your questions straight away without having to refer elsewhere? Do they are caring and kind to whoever they come across, and do they have a friendly, approachable manner?  


Find out how the hiring and training process of the agency works

While you may find the agency very helpful and friendly, ultimately, it will be a carer on their books that will be in your home, and not the agency staff themselves. So, start asking questions about how they find their employees, find out what background checks are done, and what training is given. If your loved one requires medical assistance, ask if the agency’s employees are trained for this. Even if you don’t require medical help, a carer should be well versed in first aid and emergency procedures should there be a medical emergency.


Check that care is available when you want it

Not all agencies will offer care 24/7 so if you work nights and need someone to be with your loved one overnight, do check this out. Even if you don’t necessarily need a regular care giver outside of the set hours for that agency, it’s perhaps wise to still look for an agency that can offer this help to ensure that you don’t run into problems later down the line.


Discover how they will communicate with you and others

Find out the procedures for keeping you informed about the wellbeing of your loved one. Will they give you a daily report for instance? If your loved one has several caregivers, how will they communicate with each other? Are they able and willing to communicate with others directly or will all messages have to be sent through you?


Are they transparent with their costings?

You should be informed of the costs of care in a clear and open manner. They should not be vague and there should be no hidden extras. It can be hard to fully itemise everything that may be needed, but any potential costs that may occur should be laid out for you so you’re fully aware of the financial implications.


Get in touch for more information

For homecare that fulfils all the requirements listed above, get in touch to discover how C.A.S Employment Bureau Ltd can be of help to you and your loved ones.